Laura is currently finishing up a double degree of Law and Arts in Adelaide. She has an

Stugan Life

Stugan Life

eclectic background – initially studying Science before transitioning to Law/Arts. She has a strong interest in (but not limited to) intellectual property, copyright, contract, media and broadcasting law, as well as creative writing; fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, poetry, short stories and micro-fiction. Laura has also studied music – piano, flute, and theory – which has proved useful for various projects. She is a nationally awarded creative writer, winning two commonwealth accredited awards for creative essays. Throughout her tertiary studies, she has maintained her love for game production and graphic design, also performing some freelance graphic design and photography work.




She also has a background in marketing and business, working for a health practitioner as public relations and business manager.


Handstand Practice


She is currently working with Izzy Gramp on the game – Intergalactic Space Princess. Laura’s role includes producing, editing, writing, play-testing, PR managing and art design. She is also participating as a co-host for a local radio station.



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