All about Izzy:

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Izzy with Rainbow Hair! <3

Izzy is a Melbourne based Indie game developer. She started her study at Adelaide University in Computer Science and completed it at RMIT in Video Game Design. Though she predominantly she works solo, she often collaborates with others. She has been making games since she was 14 and programming since she was 12. She’s made  15 (full) games and has a strong interest in political and series games. Examples include “Faceless”, a game about Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers, and a current side project, “All your fault”, an experimental game about victim blaming. At present, she is working full time on the game Intergalactic Space princess.


Checking out some bugs in Space Princess…

Intergalactic Space Princess was selected to be part of Stugan, a Swedish accelerator program sponsored and mentored by experienced Game professionals, Tommy Palm, Oscar etc. to name a few. At Stugan Izzy is teaming up with Laura Stokes to finish creating the game.

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Rainbow Silhouette

Rainbow Silhouette