The team, so far, working on Intergalactic Space Princess is Izzy and Laura!

At Stugan – Laura (left) and Izzy (right) Us modelling. Because we’re models….. Kidding. It’s us having our snaps taken for a newspaper.

Izzy and Laura, have known each other since they were 3 years old. THREE! Yes, that long. Since then they have been playing games together, instead of practicing ballet and piano, throughout school and all of their teens. As they have grown up, so has their passion for the game industry. Izzy has turned more towards programming, whilst Laura has pursued law and writing.


Cartoon Form – Laura (left) and Izzy (right)

Both of Izzy and Laura have a strong love for music and have been studying since they were young. Originally, both are from from Adelaide, Australia. However, Izzy moved to Melbourne to complete her university studies.

For Intergalactic Space Princess, Izzy is doing the programming, design, and art while Laura is producing, writing, testing, PR-ing and everything else one could imagine. Official titles are; Laura, the paper pusher and Izzy, the code cruncher. Their skill sets are entirely complimentary and it is what makes them such a great team.

For more information on Izzy and Laura please check out their individual pages.


Eating cake. And yes. That dress is covered in adorable animal cupcakes. (Laura, left and Izzy, right)