Intergalactic Space Princess is a hyperactive adventure game about mistaken

identity roaming across the galaxy. Once upon a Halloween Meline, the

sassy 14 year old finds herself stuck at home. All dressed up with nowhere to

go……. She ventures forth on a (pretty boring) quest to gather milk. Mysteriously

Meline finds herself  in a strange dimension and is confused for

the real space princess. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? That’s just the

beginning! What starts off as a quest to find milk quickly turns into

a mission to get her family back…


Introduction Screen

The Space Princess

IGSP is a comedic episodic adventure game and features fast paced

customisable minigames. As Meline, you can have a rap battle with your ex-best

friend arch nemesis, Whitney, by quickly dragging appropriate rhyming words to

finish sweet rhymes for a rap battle. You, as Meline, also get eaten by a giant inter-

dimensional space worm; the player has to tilt their phone to avoid obstacles which

appear in the beast’s stomach. Not to mention you can stick googly eyes on

tomatoes and escape giant space turds! Space princess has it all!


Meet Whitney! Your Archnemisis

Meet Whitney! Your Archnemisis


Intergalactic Space Princess is for iOS and while it is aimed towards tweens,

we want any and all audiences to be delighted. The first episode will be,

ideally, between 45 minutes and 1 hour long and players can vote on an

ending. Play through times will vary as, players can spend as much, or as

little, time exploring, discovering, interacting and talking to characters, as they



Meline kicking the giant worms.... arms?

Meline kicking the giant worms…. arms?


Please stay tuned to hear more about our developments for Intergalactic 

Space Princess and may your galaxy stay safe!


The real Space Princess making her way through the strange barren forest.

The real Space Princess making her way through the strange barren forest.