On this page, we have included links to, and small descriptions, of the press that we and *Intergalactic Space Princess* have been involved in. This ranges from tv interviews, magazine articles and even radio! If you are from the press we have some assets for you to use, below.


We were selected to participate in the very first Stugan; a Swedish based accelerator program in 2015.

Even though it was the first year, there was an incredible amount of applications. We are honoured and humbled to have been chosen for this amazing opportunity! In this program, we are mentored by veterans of the gaming industry – Oskar Burman, Tommy Palm, Alexander Ekvall, Peter Levin, Christofer Sundberg, Karl-Magnus Troedsson, Matti Larsson, Mikael Emtinger, Arseny Lebedev, Ivan Tkachenko, Magnus Björkman, Daniel Kaplan, Fredrik Wester and even more. Yes, EVEN MORE!

Website: http://www.stugan.com/ < check here for more details


Stugan Youtube Channel:

We feature in Stugan’s very own youtube channel! Check it out! There are in-depth interviews with the other game devs that are here at Stugan, chats about what it is to be an indie developer, a closer look at their games and few fun bonuses too.

Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-oTi9DV7NhwtUL8-BfxuXw




We were interviewed for National Swedish TV. If the link below still works, we appear at 19:34.  (Otherwise try an alternative here??)

Website: http://www.svtplay.se/…/303…/aktuellt/aktuellt-aktuellt-159…

Looking at the screen – oooo


We appeared again on another National Swedish TV Station and we appear at 1:09.

If the above link does not work, it’s uploaded to youtube here.

Here are a few screenshots below –

Aaaaah, so much screen!


Much productivity.


Izzy grinning



Articles – Newspapers/Online/Magazines:

Article by Swedish media outlet Svt as linked below.

Website: http://www.svt.se/kultur/sommarkollo-ska-ge-nasta-minecraft

Official Stugan Logo

Official Stugan Logo

Article by Dagens Nyheter – We were amazingly lucky to be featured by one of the Sweden’s favourite and biggest news outlets, in a beautiful piece about Stugan and the participants. A huge thank you to Linus Larsson for such a great interview and insight into the industry, as well as Anette Nantell for the stunning photos (shown below)! It was featured in a newspaper spread, as well as online.

Preview Photos:

Newspaper Spread

Newspaper Spread


Gorgeous shot of back of our heads


Wes Andeson Inspired – Laura Stokes (left and Izzy Gramp (right)


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 4.47.39 pm

Rainbow Hair – Izzy Gramp (left)





Radio – Featured along with the brilliant Amy Dentata


Just before the radio interview! Izzy Gramp (left) and Amy Dentata (right)


Article for online magazine Polygon written by Colin Campbell:
We are the “Delegates from Australia”, still absolutely gob-smacked (colloquial Aussie for amazed) that we were one of the main features in this piece!

Website: http://www.polygon.com/…/the-summer-camp-for-professional-g…

Team Geeiz - Laura Stokes (left, one cupcake) and Izzy Gramp (right, tray of cupcakes)

Team Geeiz – Laura Stokes (left, one cupcake) and Izzy Gramp (right, tray of cupcakes)