Week 2

Time for Week 2 Review!

Things were still hectic after the first week –  on the second day at Stugan we had presentations for press, the next day we met with Paul Bragiel (Venture Capitalist, owns part of Uber! *.*), Stephen Jarret and a personal training session with Elin ….. We were pooped!

There is no rest for the wicked, though!

The second week started off with a triple meeting – Alexander Ekvall, Oskar Burman and KM Troedsson. Intense! They were all important for us to speak to, as we have had serious considerations with how to monetize Intergalactic Space Princess. It’s ideal if we didn’t have to, but unfortunately we need to make money somehow, so we can support ourselves and start thinking about producing the next episode.



Uhhh problems! (Izzy fixing a bug)

We had some excellent discussions, notably with Steven Jarrett (a hero of ours because one of our favourite childhood games was Neopets!) who gave us the brilliant idea of switching models. Freemium, premium, free to play. It can all get hectic and confusing. You can only analyse and theorise so much. At some point, you have to make a decision and just go with what feels right for you and the game.  Another consideration is what model compliments the episode nature of the game.


Meeting Steven Jarret

After some heavy thinking and difficult decisions, we decided that maybe it would be ideal to go for a Freemium model and that our initial hopes of producing a – at most – 2 hour long episode, would have to be halved.

Upside we get to make a whole bunch of extra mini-games! So time to get our brainstorming hats on.


Me, mid-groove as we had an early morning dance session!

All in all, week 2 was a great. It feels like we’ve made some real progress just with deciding, which directions to pursue and finally have that push to make some big decisions and commit!

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