Week 1

Let’s do a quick recap of week 1, shall we?


Tour around the lake

Getting off the bus, that seems like a great place to start, right? Well, I’ll give you two guesses at what we did first…. hint, the background of the picture…. yes, no? …….

The lake.

We were hypnotised. It was the first thing that filled our entire vision, after that big blue endless sky. After a few obligatory album cover photos – you never know, we may need to release an album to collect funds for our games(!) – we had sufficiently broken the ice for some real introductions. Also, we optimistically plotted for daily swims to the island…. Very optimistic…


Stugan Smooth Jazz Ballads – (from left) Vlad, Jana, Bryan, Oskar and Clifton’s Head.


That view! <3


Stugan Folk Tunes Volume I – (from left) the back of Nacho, Ditto, Mark, Robin, João and Simon


Look at the View! Ambient Nature Sounds – (from left) João, Simon, Vlad and Bryan


How Big, How Blue, How Stugan – Already plotting daily swims


Well, we can’t work all the time. Can we? 😛


It wasn’t all fun and games! After running off the bus to the lake, a small tour around the facilities and settling in, we had to prepare for presentations the next day. The next day! And not just in front of the other Stuganeers, oh no… in front of Oskar Burman, Tommy Palm and a whole bunch of press. Way to crank the pressure, huh?  We decided to get organised and start rehearsing. Something about Intergalactic Space Princess just makes you want to throw glitter and have rainbow projections.

Don’t worry, we didn’t. Strictly professional. And we did a fairly excellent job if I say so myself!


Me, looking a little worried before the presentations


The back view of me as I walk into “The Lodge” aka the Lunch room :3


It was amazing, exciting, exhilarating, shocking, surprising (all at once) to have so much press who were genuinely interested in our games. As well as, get a proper look at the other games in development here at Stugan. On the bus ride up we had lots of photos taken by the amazing photographer Anette Nattel, who was attending  for Dagens Neyheter and after the official presentation we were lucky enough to be interviewed by Linus Larsson, who was accompanying Anette.

As soon as we thought one interview was done, we were onto the next! An amazing whirlwind. It was just so heartening to have such genuine interest and passion for games. Very motivating! We were pretty keen to have a swim, maybe a bike ride and walk in the woods to get the creative juices flowing and start working!

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 4.47.39 pm

(from left) Izzy Gramp and Clifton B – By Anette Nattel


Working hard

See! We were/are working! It was very hectic the first week, presentations the second day and seemingly every day after that, there was a new reporter to speak too – radio interviews, photos to be taken. All which were fantastic and thrilling, but a bit disruptive to work pattern.



Laura Appearing to Work


Laura after presentations and handstands!



Robin flying a drone


Photoception: A Photo of a photo – (from left) the back of Vlad, Mark and Anette Nattel


Games Screenshots

Take a quick look at some of the screenshots we managed to take this week of our work 😀 The First week for us was a lot of ground work –  recapping where we were up to and dividing up tasks. The first big scene we wanted to complete was the rap battle! You can see Witney, your rap battle rival, below.


Meline falling through some intestines!

Meline falling through some intestines! – Got a whole new bunch of objects to add!

Meet Whitney! Your Archnemisis

Meet Whitney! Your Archnemisis – Started writing the rap battles!

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