The Real Space Princess

You have probably heard of Meline by now. The main character of Intergalactic Space Princess aka the protagonist. She sassy, 14 and her favourite hero is the Space Princess. Some great actor on a tv show she watches, every day, because she is a bit obsessed. Meline even dressed up as her character for Halloween!

We have started to explore the Space Princess. Who is she? Where is she from? Is she even real? Is she really a hero?

Well, I’ll say a few things now and come back a bit later to reveal more details. The Space Princess is a real Princess. Heir to the Space Monarchy, father is a King, her mother is a Queen. The real deal! I can’t tell you if she’s the epic hero that she’s made out to be on the tv show, but she certainly tries.

Isn’t that the main thing? Maybe that has to do with why she is currently missing…

*Back with more info soon!* In the meantime, here she is!

Introduction Screen

The Real Space Princess – Introduction Screen

The real Space Princess making her way through the strange barren forest…. starting to be animated!


The real Space Princess, wandering through alien lands. How cool is her outfit? No wonder Meline wanted to cosplay as her!



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