Some press

Let’s get talking about press. We’ve had a lot over the last month and a half. A lot. Well at least for us at this point in our development journey. *cue rainbows*


We’ve had – you’re the aussies, oh you’re the girrrrrls, hey you’re making that weird funny game? Nearly every conceivable angle for an article.

It’s hard when you’ve been interviewed a few times and they ask about your game to not recycle. To keep it fresssssssssh



This is still just the beginning for Intergalatic Space Princess. Izzy definitely has been around the block after attending E3, GDC, Pax, Australian Pax, you name it! So it’s fun discovering this balance after being on the other end and asking other people the questions. Not to mention we get to utilise our experience here at Stugan, where press have been everywhere, and apply that to pitching our own story to press. A whole different kind of experience.

So far, in our journey here, there have been a few mentors which have come to visit and given advice regarding press. For games, it seems very important to have a personal website, social media (on nearly all platforms), Presskit and to update consistently. This makes things easier for journalists who are looking into you and your game, and save you a lot of time! In the end, time is precious and you can use all those extra seconds looking up YouTubers and online publications etc. which could possibly feature you!




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