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Paul Bragiel

If you don’t know this guy, you should.

The day before he arrived, Oskar gave us a quick run-down about the week’s events and casually slipped in that this guy, Paul (pictured below) trained as a cross-country skier and became a Colombian citizen to compete in the Winter Olympus. That is a hell of an introduction. Needless to say, we were pretty eager to meet him.

The next day when Jana (the Stugan co-ordinator) rolled back on site with a new passenger, all the Stunganeers rushed to gather in the green room.  Paul seemed larger than life. He introduced himself  as a venture capitalist and certainly didn’t take long to crack a few jokes and talk about the good old days, with Gameboys, hacks and the rush of being a dev. He started Paragon 5, his first of many companies. Soon followed by Meetro, Lefora and i/o Ventures. Paul described life in Silicon Valley, great mentors of his who went on to found companies such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Zynga, Bittorrent, Paypal, WordPress and even more!

These days he invests and advises. He’s even worked with Governments…. Awesome, huh?

At least he gave us some great tips – Intergalactic Space Princess is great and we should be PR-ing/Marketing all over the place. Start building our community!


Stephen Jarrett

Meeting Stephen was pretty special for the both of us as he was part of one of our biggest childhood obsessions – Neopets!


KM Troe, Oskar Burman and Alexander Ekvall




Matti Larsson

Erin Robinson

Coming soon…


Per Stormback

Now this was an interesting presentation!


One of the creators of the original Stugan game (made in 1978), Viggo Kann, came to Stugan today together with his father Henrik. They both gave a very interesting talk and they brought with them a gift, the original Stugan game!

Jonas Antonsson and Gordon Van Dyke spent two days here at Stugan, sharing with the teams their experience with publishing. Thanks guys, it was great to have you here!

Will Freeman, a journalist who is currently freelancing for The Guardian and Develop, is visiting Stugan today, sharing with the teams some valuable insights on PR and marketing

Today we had a short and intense visit from Alexis Garavaryan from Microsoft. He managed to give a talk and talk to all the teams during just one afternoon. Great experience!

Tommy Persson is a lawyer working with the games industry and today he came to Stockholm and talked to the teams about the video game law. Very interesting and useful information!

One of Stugan’s founders, Tommy Palm, has kicked off today’s 12-hour hackathon. The theme is “Future of Transportation”. People are going to sit from 10am to 10pm trying to come up with a game within the theme, as a thank you to Trafikverket, The Swedish Transport Administration, that is lending us their beautiful location fot the 8 weeks

Today Tommy Palm did a fireside chat over Skype with the creator of Crossy Road, Matt Hall, and after that he sat down with some of the teams and gave them some valuable advice

Today we also had the pleasure of having Kadri Ugand, co-founder of GameFounders. She talked about their accelerator and then took the time to talk to some of our teams

Ellen Sundh came to Stugan today and talked about the super interesting projects they are working on at Coda Collective

Andy Touch from Unity spent three days with us, talking to the teams and giving them his feedback

These two day we had a mentor here. Paul Wilkinson from Nio Games gave an interesting talk about his experience in the industry and about his company..


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