It Begins…

Hello hello! If you don’t know already, we have been incredibly busy, packing, 25+ flights around the world, but we’ve finally made our way to Stugan! It is crazy to think that it was only a few weeks ago we were back home, in Australia and now – Sweden! With some of some amazing Indie Game Devs and AMAZING mentors. Not to mention completely surrounded by beautiful, inspiring scenery!

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Sweden is BREATHTAKING. Flying in and peering through the little dingy plane window to see all of that; the endless sea of green. You can feel you heart catch in your throat. Even coming off the plane and to the luggage reclaiming area there is this long plane of glass where you can just state out and this endless horizon of green; forest sprinkled on the brink of your vision. You feel as if you’re in a fairytale, not real boring grim life. Getting on the bus and driving into the central station, things start to get a little more “regular” – giant buildings, roads, smog. Still all very quaint though.


Then there’s this blast of green and you forget where on earth you are.


You’re in Sweden. Scandinavia. Near the Artic. On the other side of the world. Literally.  Where the hell is the dirt? I kept expecting some sort of scrubby bush to be just somewhere. But no. Everything is gorgeous and green.


We had the chance to meet a few people before Stugan began – Fomer managed to sneak his way into the photos here 🙂  18759282363_e1e61f24eb_k 19192301770_2a863f458b_k 19192308850_73751b1919_k

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Everywhere you walked, looking up at the clearly old wooden architecture, or down the cobbled streets; you could feel it. The history.

And everyone is SO darn nice! It’s hard to think that they are the direct products of the raping and pillaging “Vikings of the North”.

We had a few days to see the sights, have some beer, ice cream too! Then we were on our way…. time to get to work!

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