Bus Ride

Guess we should elaborate about the journey to Borlänge (where Stugan is located) and show off some snaps from the bus ride, huh?

Well even getting to the Stugan bus is a bit of a story…IMG_2178

So… it was a beautiful sunny Swedish day. The birds were singing, I hit my head sitting up in the dormitory bunk bed of the hostel… A great start to the day! We had grand plans of making it to H&M, before heading to Mojang, which was a journey of the utmost importance, as I had left home with about 8 kilos of luggage – my camera gear weighing the most –  so, about 4 tee shirts to get me through 2 and half months? Not going to happen… And Izzy needed a brighter collection of tights to match her rainbow wardrobe and hair 😉

After packing up, we had roughly 2 hours to get there, shop, and head to Mojang’s. The stress started to kick in… Hauling ourselves through the doors, we start tearing through the store, grabbing anything that looked semi-useful, scanning the shelves, racks, losing Izzy, panicking, celebrating the store WiFi, trying to call her, Izzy not picking up, looking at the time, having a heart attack, contemplating running to a desk and calling out over the loud speaker, catching a glimpse of rainbow hair, dragging ourselves to the checkout counter. And that was just the shopping.

Fast forward to catching 4 different trains, scrambling madly to find free WiFi and LO AND BEHOLD. We make it to Mojang’s…. which sadly was about 3 blocks from our hostel. It slowly dawns on us that we have made 3 loops of the city. Least we know our way around, by now, right?
Running up the stairs,  huffing and puffing our way through greeting Leo, he checks his watch instantly.

“Aren’t you guys leaving at 3?”

Izzy and I look at each other and in unison,” yes…”.

“I’m going to call you guys a taxi. I’m worried you’re going to miss the bus otherwise.”

Fast forward again and out we hop at the Central Station. We couldn’t see any special bus and people hovering around.. At least not outside the station…


I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference – Frost

Skeptical and very worried, we wandered inside. Greeting our eyes were a bunch of unmistakable tourists, surrounded by luggage and computer equipment. “Izzy!” can be heard, but we had to focus. Bags and bus. The only things that existed for me at that point in time. Dragging her attention back, Izzy and I headed downstairs to the lockers, time to begin the heavy lifting. Who needs the gym, am I right? Running from the lockers to the escalator we can see that everyone is gone…. like a gazelle on the planes of Africa we were nervous and attentive to every little deta-OUTSIDE. They had gone outside. QUICK. GO GO GO.

We ran, bags loaded onto the bus. Photos were taken, introductions made and off we went! After getting lost three times on the way to Mojang Studios, we finally made it. I was a wreck. Izzy had already moved on and was grabbing her camera.


Excuse me while I kiss the sky – Jimi Hendrix

Everything began to sink in, slowly inching back to a regular pace when Oscar Burman took the bus microphone. City streets started to whirr past and be replaced with such lush greenery; backdrops that we had only imagined in fairy tales. Oscar congratulated us all. He appreciated our games, but this was the beginning and he was excited to see a whole lot more…

We were on our way!


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